Invoking webservice hosted in IS from XML Spy

Am facing issue while trying to test webservice from external clients.
My requirment is secured https on a different port rather than the usual portal. I understand webMethods can understand http auth(Basic, username, password) not the SOAP Header auth. I am able to connect to my webservice if the ACL is Anonymous. When trying with ACL i need to pass them on the http header. Can anybody help me out in setting the credentails in http header ?


Create an SSL port using the procedues found in the IS Administrator’s guide. Ensure that your web service is visible to that port. Set the ports credentials options to either use basic auth only or to request but not require certs. You can change to require certs later if the easier approach works.

You can then use the new port in your endpoint URL.

Refer as well to the creating a access-controled soap processor in the web services developer’s guide (or soap developer’s guide, I can never remember which).