invoking the flow or java service

for invoking the any service we need to specify from the foler to service but no need to give the pkg the IS can identify the pkg.
suppose package a
folder b
service recivedoc
to call this service we have to call like this

The package is not part of the namespace. It is a design-time organizational helper only.

All elements in IS are uniquely identified by their fully qualified name. As Rob mentioned, this begins with the name of the top-level folder under which the element was created in Developer, followed by any subfolders separated by dots and finally by a colon and the name of the element (service, document type, trigger, etc.).

For example the built-in service “addInts” is contained in the WmPublic package, but its fully qualified name is pub.math:addInts. The createSoapData built-in service is also contained in WmPublic package and has a fully qualified name of pub.soap.utils:createSoapData.