Invoking Oracle Stored procedure in WM7.1 issue

Hi Experts, I am facing issue while invoking Oracle Stored procedure from Webmethods 7.1.2 Stored procedure template. Below are the two issues that I am facing. 1. Fields are not getting populated automatically even after procedure look up is enabled. There are 350 fields in SP and i have to manually input them. 2. When I run the stored procedure from code it gives me ("[ADA.1.314] Cannot set data for the input field “Active Date”") even when I am providing correct value for Active Date field. Could it be a parameter sequence issue with stored procedure since we are having 350 fields and one-two fields might not be in order. Note: This stored procedure is running fine from SQL developer. Thanks in advance. --Amit

Looks like, problem is while trying to assign the value of Active Date… Have you set the datatype to be date for Active Date? If so, can you change it to String and give a try…


Thanks Senthil for the response… I have given it a try but still issue persists. Is there any way by which I can fill all input parameter of the stored procedure by clicking on “fill all rows of table” button present in stored procedure adapter service. Currently, no rows are getting added by clicking on that button. IS this the behaviour of stored procedure or some specific issue to my system.

Hi Experts, any idea how to set data for Date type of parameter in stored procedure. currently, i am using string to map input of ‘13-Mar-2012’ to date param in stored procedure but when i am passing this value it is taking it as ‘Mar’ only and getting failed due to date format issue.

Find out the default date format of the DB and use that.

Or, make your service input parameter a java.util.Date object. Then you don’t need to worry about the format the DB expects.