Invoking (optional) child process during user task

How would I model the following (using version 8) in a process model?

My model has a user task “Assess Request”. This is a manual step that a user under takes. However, it could be possible that during this step an environmental study (separate process) needs to be undertaken, but not always necessary.

I have defined “environmental study” in a separate process model. Other processes could invoke this through a “call activity”.

How do I model my user task “Assess Request” in relation to this “call activity”? While the environmental study process is underway, I don’t want the “Assess Request” task to stop (they can run in parallel).



I am not sure about the scenario but cant you invoke the child process via custom is service? Just publish the document in the is service and that service can be called from your task.


Have “Assess Request” & “environmental study” as Parallel stpes and a Step next complates on AND/OR join condition ! ?