Invoking .net dlls from webmethods

Hi All,
I have a question regarding invocation of .net DLLs.Does WM have the capability of invoking a .net DLLs(or asssemblies) residing on a particular server???If yes,then how do we do that??

we need this information in order to proceed with one of our projects.we ideally want to call this DLL so that we can perform some custom activities.

Appreciate your help.

Our IS configuration

IS- 6.1


You are on HPUX running Java and you want to invoke a native DLL on a Windows Server? :eek: webMethods doesn’t have anything for you on this one unless you were running your IS server on Windows which you are not. You could probably rig something up that would be very ugly. Why not just wrap the DLL in a Web Service and call it? That way no bubblegum or duct tape is needed.

Hi Griffima,
we thought of doing it as a webservice,but I just wanted to see if it possible thru any other way.Looks like we donot have any other option rather than going for a webservice:)…would do that.

Thanks a lot for responding.



yes, you can!

(1) Create .net web service on IIS (not IS !)

(2) Create WDSL of your .net web service, and save it.

(3a) create “web service connector” in Developer on IS by selecting WSDL.
(3b) or you can create you web service in Modeler, and choose WSDL for your web service.

hope it helps,