Invoking Flow Service From .Net

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I am trying to invoke webmethod through .net 2005.
We have Integration Server on another machine and on our machine only developer is installed. I have installed “webMethods add‐in for Microsoft
Visual Studio .NET” on my machine. I we can see in Developer that there are some existing .net services already added on IS.

To invoke concate Service from my .net assembly i Generate the code for concate service, but it needs to add 2 references CGUTIL.dll and wmClientAPI.dll. I found wmClientAPI.dll in my webmethods folder but I am not able to find CGUTIL.dll. Can anybody tell me where i can found this dll.

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Might I suggest not using the add-in and instead invoke the service using plain HTTP instead? Or using a web service interface?

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If one of the TP invoking the flow service directly and sending data in string format . how we handle that data?

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It depends on exactly how they are “invoking the flow service directly.” Are they using the IS client API? XML over HTTP POST? CSV over FTP? URL parameters on an HTTP GET? If you can provide additional information about what the TP is doing we can provide details on how to handle it.


They are sending xml data by the HTTP post .


If they are setting the content-type header to text/xml, then your service will be invoked with a *node object in the pipeline. Refer to the “XML Services Developer’s Guide” which you can find in _documentation/Developer/Guides in your installation or at