Invoking different flow based on value of a specific field


I have created a flow service that invokes two flows,both flows having same input structure but the document name varies.

I have an unique field in both the flows, i need to invoke the flows based on the unique field.

can you give me some suggestions?

Vidhya Ganesan.

Is a simple branch step not enough for your case?

You can use BRANCH step in wM as if else / switch based on the evaluate labels (T/F).

Let me ask you few questions :slight_smile:

1> From where do you get the unique id? Do you have a variable that holds this id?
2> If yes then branch on that variable and invoke the flow svc1 and flow svc2 based on your requirement
3> Let me know if you still have doubts/questions.

Consider the scenario of having two flows like below

service1 service2

abcemployeedetails(docname) xyzemployeedetils(docname)
-employee(rootelementname) -employee(rootelementname)
-empid -empid
-empname -empname
-mailid -mailid
-phonenumber -phonenumber

we have to create a flow to invoke this 2 services with respect to the empid(unique field).

I hope now you understand.

Vidhya Ganesan.

:slight_smile: I did not understand fully but how do you differentiate the employee id to call service 1 and service 2?

Can you give me the examples?





I have to create a flow in such a way, if empid is 123, the flow has to invoke its corresponding service1.
If empid is 456,the flow has to invoke its corresponding service2.

Make sure that abcemployeedetails(docname) and xyzemployeedetails(docname) are already poplulated.

I still have questions on your requirement, it is not clear to me :smiley:

Lets us know your results on this and update the blog.


Now the branching is working fine. Thanks for your timely replies which helped me a lot.

Great :slight_smile: Thanks for updating the thread back.