Invoking a workflow from within some external existing webbased application


I just want to know of any certain way of handling the situation.
How one can invoke / initiate a workflow from a html LINK placed in existing application’s site (developed in JSP).

Furthermore I would like to pass on some values (user authentication number etc), so that workflow client for a certain type of role is opened (depending on the external application user id, and its access control parameters).

any pointers in this regard would be much appreciated.


Ans Q1: You can initiate wf/invoke task/complete task using the workflow api.

Ans Q2: can be done using workflow client api

hi friends,

       whenever iam copying packages from one system to other,servcies are locking by the system lock,can u tell me how to release the locks.

Hi Krishna,
You can release the locks by changing the permissions to the flow.xml file.The particular webMethods user might be having the read priviliges only to that file.You can give -rwx- permissions to the flow.xml file by traversing to the ns folder in your package.

Puneet Verma