Invoking a private service in a flow

Hi all,

I have the need to monitor CSQ count and I don’t find any public service for that.

“No problem : I will use the private service that generate the web page” => wm.server.messaging:getConnectionAliasReport.

But I know how to create a flow with a service which is not exposed but I know is name … in the old Developer but how to do that in Designer ?
How to invoke a service we only know the name ?



Set the property watt.server.ns.hideWmRoot in IS Admin > Extended Settings

You can view the WmRoot package in the package explorer.

Another technique: add any service in an INVOKE step. Then in the properties pane, paste in the service name of the “hidden” service that you want. Then move focus off the step, then back. You’ll see the normal input/output parms (if the service name exists–beware of typos).