Invoking a flow service through java client


Here are the steps I am following to invoke a flow service:
I don’t have webMethods. I just have the WSDL generated by webMethods. I just have the information that it is a flow service on webMethods.
I am using weblogic8.1 ant tasks to generate the client.
Taking wsdl as input i use the clientgen ant task to generate the client. While generating the client i put them in some pacakge of my choice.

It gives me stub classes to invoke the service. Through these classes I invoke the service. But it is giving me the NoSuchMethodError exception.

Can any body tell me if the flow service is actually a web service or not ? Does it need connector ?

A flow service is a service that you look at and can execute on the local Webmethods server. The flow service can be exposed as a webservice by going through the WSDL setup. Can you trace to see that your error is occuring exactly within the call to the webservice? It may be that the flow service this WSDL points to has been moved/renamed. I am not sure if you need to have some more webmethods library information on your computer. I know when I develop remote webmethods clients, I need server.jar and client.jar to access “pipeline” (webmethods structure) information.
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Yemi Bedu

I don’t believe there is any case that Integration Server would throw a NoSuchMethodError exception to a client (UnknownServiceException yes, but if coming in response to a SOAP call this would be inside a SOAP-FAULT). I believe you are never getting out of the WebLogic client code. I assume WL has a way of tracing what they put on the wire, if not go through a snooper so you can see the SOAP traffic.

Also, services on Integration Server have security on by default. I assume there are Basic Auth settings in this client.

I agree with Fred on using a soap monitor to view the soap request outbound from WebLogic. You can also ask the developer of the webMethods Flow service to insert one or more debug statements to confirm that the service is not being invoked.



Out of curiosity, you are just trying to call a webMethods flow service from Java. Is RPC over SOAP one of your requirements? By that, I mean webMethods Developer can generate a stub Java code for you automatically to call the webMethods flow service. Then you just take the Java code and merge into your code (WL applet or bean perhaps?). It’s a lot simpler.

Hi All,

I have a situation where we need to make normal rpc call to Ab Initio (AI). What i mean by normal rpc call is that, we do not want to make soap rpc call to AI using web Services technology. Can any one throw some light on the feasibility of this. We do have built in services in webM like http call but the option listed in that are limited to (delete, get,head,options,post,put,trace).
Can i use http post for this…


What other options does Ab Initio offer for kicking off a graph (AI ETL program)? I don’t understand what you want to do?


Hi Mark,

The other option AI offer for kicking off a graph (AI ETL service) is that they can subscribe the messege from webMethods Broker. This option looks pretty ok, since we can easily publish the messege to wM Broker and AI can subscribe the same from the Broker. So I have been asked to enquire if webM can make simple rpc call to AI.?


What do you mean by “simple rpc”? The answer depends on what AI provides.

Hi Mark,

Here is the background of what we are looking.
Currently webMethods makes soap call to a webService on WAS 6.0 and that webService in turn makes rpc call to AI graph (ETL service). Now what we want is that we like to get rid of WAS 6.0 and directly invoke (may be thru rpc) call that service of AI. Hope this clear the scanario.


What. Kind. Of. RPC. Call. Are. You. Talking. About.