invokeEJBMethod returning wrong flag


I am using invokeEJBMethod (EJB Adapter) to call a method running on Weblogic. Even if this method executes with an Exception, the statusFlag of the invokeEJBMethod returns ‘0’ (Sucess). Is there any special values I have to pass from the java code to catch that exception and put ‘-1’ in the statusFlag?

OR is this a bug in wM EJB Adapter?


Can anyone please share your thoughts on this - The EJB adapter is not catching the error. Is this a bug in wM or do we need to specify something on the bean side??? There is very less documentation on this.


Helllo all,

I am using wm.ejb.EJBServices:invokeEJBMethod.

This takes the beanHandel, EJBConnection and methodArguments as inputs and invokes the bean method.

But when the bean throws an exception, this service is not catchin that exception. I mean to say that the statusflag from this service is always set to true.

Has anyone worked on EJBAdapters before? Please share your thought on this.