Invoke Handler

Is there a way to catch all the invocations done on the Integration Server? Similar to the exception events.

I want to create a monitorisation system that logs all the invocations done on the Integration Server.

Hi Filipe,

you can enable the Auditing in the IS, which is logged to the ISInternal database.

You can then query these tables for your monitoring.

See IS Administrators Guide for details.

Additionally you might want to have a look at the Logging and Monitoring Guide.


Hi Holger,

Thanks for your reply, i didn’t explained myself well, what I want is a side of the default auditing that the integration server has, create a framework that using the Invoke Manager (I think) logs all the invocations (success and error) to a custom log file.

Filipe António

In this case there are 2 options:

first one is to redirect the service logger from database to file.
This will cause some effort on the Developer/Designer side as all required services have to be manually configured for auditing at design time. Can be cumbersome (depends on the number of services).

second one is to use the security logger, which is disabled by default.
Redirect this one to a file and choose only services to be logged.

I am not sure if this will give the needed information but I consider this worth to be evaluated.

I have not yet used the security logger, but I would prefer option before thinking about option one.


Yes, you can do that by using ServiceInvocationManager. Any invocation of services passes through this interface. Extending this, you can write some custom code that monitors services being executed (start and end time) etc.,