Invoke an IS flow from Unix script

How do I invoke an IS flow from a Unix script? Is it possible?

Thank you in advance!

Sounds like you want the script to be an IS Client. There are lots of ways to be an IS client. The easiest is to use Developer to generate Java client code for a specific service. You can then tweek it and call it from any command processor.

Note that IS 6.1 still supports 2.x Java clients (and every release in between), so this is a pretty stable tactic.


If you have lynx installed:

lynx -dump -accept_all_cookies -auth Administrator:manage

-dump = dump output to console instead of starting UI browser

-accept_all_cookies = don’t prompt user to accept cookies

-auth Administrator:manage (replace with your wm account, of course, make sure you set your access to script accordingly). = replace with your IP

5555 = replace with your webmethods listening port

my.folder = replace with your webmethods folder

myService = replace with your service name

? = replace name value pairs after this point with your POST data.

I have tried curl. But what to do if you want to analyse the result of the invoke? You need quite a bit of UNIX scripting to grep the data from the HTML data you get as a result.

Not really, there are a lot of tools you can use to parse the results grep, awk, sed, perl, xsltproc (if you put an XML output template on the service), etc. or you can apply an output template to the service to give plaintext results instead of HTML.


do you know how to post a formatted file (with tabs and newlines) with lynx?