Invalid Sequence Number (ISS.0098.0036E) in Server Log

On March 6,2007 we upgraded a IS 6.1/Broker 6.1 environment to IS v6.5 SP1 / Broker 6.5.2. After this upgrade we are consistantly seeing the following message in our Server Log:

[ISS.0098.0036E] webM IS RequestReplyHandler encountered Transport Exception: Invalid Sequence Number (277-1773): Invalid sequence number was passed in.

Both the IS instance and Broker were shut down during the upgrade. Prior to restart the following IS data directories were cleared out:
[Integration Server]/DocumentStore
[Integration Server]/WmRepository2
[Integration Server]/WmRepository4
[Integration Server]/audit/data

After the system came back up on line the broker documents were “re-syncd”.

At this point in time also, I have created a brand new broker and attached to integration instance to this clean broker. Even after this, I still get the same error message.

Any ideas or help would be welcome!

I have a client that has encountered this same error. How did you resolve it?


We are getting the same exception, its filling up our server logs. We are using IS 7.1.2. Has anybody got this error and able to resolve too?


this typical happens when your doc published to broker and ack goes out of sequence generally in case of problem b/w IS and broker… do you see any connection issues b/w your Integration server and broker?

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