Invalid CID value - Parallel updates in Adabas


I have two jobs running almost at the same time. Both of them access and update the same Adabas files. These two jobs have a successful completion code most of the times. But at times one job fails with an “Invalid CID value” error. When its rerun without any modifications it runs successfully.

I dont understand the meaning of this error. I think its because of parallel updates to the database. Kindly let me know the reason of this error. Also, please throw some light on the locking mechanisms and parallel updates in Adabas.

Thanks for the help.

Are these 2 jobs using 2 different application programs?
What languages are the program written in?

Both of the jobs use the same application programs.

The programs are written in Natural.

Hi Vijay,
the CID is user specific and a user is identified by its 28 byte communication Id and should be unique for every user. The program which is executed by different users can use the same CID but Adabas will distinguish between diffrent users and will (normally :smiley: ) not give a rsp-21.
I would say that it should be checked if the two calls are really from different users (this can be done with a commandlog) and if this is the case then please contact your local support center.
Uschi Noll