invalid character in sequence?

Newbie question on a FileGateway sequence: I’m getting this error when running a sequence that has been reduced to one step to run a FileGateway with a csv converter:

ERROR: 2007/10/24 23:57:17,343 Thread-4 - c:SagSequencer m:43fd7ae7~115d5489d3b~~7fe2 - SEQUENCER ERROR: sequence "rfile:/C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/sarke/workspace/TestDTS/sequences/sequenceExample1.xml", line 6, <step>: com.softwareag.xbridge.exceptions.DocumentParseException: [Fatal Error] :499:12: Character reference "&#26" is an invalid XML character.

Is this an invalid character in the sequence or the input csv file? I can’t find a hex 26 (&?) character in either. Sequence (attached) is just a one step sequence.
delimitedConverter1.xml (430 Bytes)
sequenceExample1.xml (573 Bytes)