Interpreting the error from the correlator

What product/components do you use and which version/fix level are you on?

Cumulocity Streaming Analytics EPL
Backend 1009.0.12

Is your question related to the free trial, or to a production (customer) instance?

staging tenant

What are you trying to achieve? Please describe it in detail.

Trying to run my EPL Code without error.
What is this error telling me and where is the likely area I want to look into.

Do you get any error messages? Please provide a full error message screenshot and log file.

[correlator] 2023-03-30 15:33:58.491 WARN [140598112098048] - <connectivity.jsonCodec.CumulocityIoTGenericChain> Error while transforming message: JSON parse error: The document root must not be followed by other values. (17271507); Message<metadata={contentType:application/,charset:utf-8,http:{path:/inventory/managedObjects,cookies:{},statusReason:OK,headers:{content-type:application/;charset=UTF-8;ver=0.9,cache-control:no-cache,no-store,must-revalidate,expires:-1,transfer-encoding:chunked,date:Thu, 30 Mar 2023 15:33:53 GMT,pragma:no-cache,strict-transport-security:max-age=31536000; includeSubDomains,connection:keep-alive},statusCode:200,method:GET},requestId:88}, payload={"next":" ...> will be dropped.

Have you installed all the latest fixes for the products and systems you are using?

No/No Sure
The same code is running without in the production tenant with the same backend.
replacing https with xxx to by-pass check for link that is not allowed

Hi Eddie, 10.9 is quite old at this point, do you need to use that rather than the latest?

It looks as if our JSON codec thinks the JSON returned from /inventory/managedObjects is invalid (specifically it’s complaining that it looks like {…}somethingelse ). Assuming that your inventory is not actually returning corrupt data, it smells like a bug. We have completely rewritten this code in 10.15. Are you able to provide the actual response you get (possibly from postman) for that query?


Upgrading to 1015 seemed to solved the problem.
Thanks Matt!

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