Intermittent HTTP 403 SAP BC to webMethods601

Our client is using SAP BC to send files to our webMethods6.0.1 server. Some of the documents get HTTP403 error while others go through. They connect to us over SSL with userID/password. We use Firewall & SSL accelerator in our environment.

We could not find where the problem is. Anyone with information, please give some lead to solve our problem.

Thanks in advance.

Generally HTTP403 error is caused by resource Access error.Check the ACL access of the invoking flowservice and also make sure they are using correct Content-Type.
ex:for handling xml documents set Content-Type=“text/xml”.


In this case, the SAP BC send the header as Content-Type=“text/html” for all the documents they send to us. However, many documents get through without problems. Only in few documents, SAP BC log shows HTTP 403.
Is there any way, we can check whether the document reach our server, like from any of the webMethods server logs.


use the pub.flow:getTransportInfo and savepipeline or set some debuglog in the invoking service to see the traces…

Anyway what is the actual exchanging messages?IDOC or FlatFile or XML etc…?



The error reason might be due to invalid content handler sent to the receiving service (receiveDoc) and it is failing in invokation.

So try setting the Content-Type=“text/plain” and stimulate posting the IDOC’s to your WM server.

Meanwhile i will investigate more on this error and let u know.



As the problem happen occassionally (once in about 50 such documents, approximately), we need to know why this exception occurs, to fix it.

Yet, as I dont have any other pointers, I could ask our client to change the content-type and monitor over the period.