Interface for getText method

Hi everyone,
I’m writing unit tests for the UI of our project and I’m trying to find a uniform way to get the text of UI Elements. As far as I see getText() method is defined for each UI Element (for example in nUIButtonElement and then again in nUITextfieldElement etc.) and not in a parent class or interface, so my question is - is there a way to access this text in an uniform way or I need to manually check and cast each element?


Hi Nenko,

I believe there are only a few route classes that you’ll need to worry about (nUIButtonElement, nUIEntryElement and nUITextfieldElement) - a lot of the other text based classes extend upon these. At the moment, as you say, the text entry method isn’t implemented from a root level interface, but we could look to add this in the future. I must admit, it’s possibly not high priority against the new feature / fix work that we’re focusing on currently.



Thank you, Nick