Did you any one use interestmanagerutility to registering the interest on the realm servers?

I have created a zone with two um servers and now i want to subscribe to a message published on realm other than where the subscriber exits(in short trying to replicate broker gateway’s concept of transferring messages from one server to other server). I have understood that it is possible using interestmanagerutility. However i’m unable to find any documentation related to it.

So can anyone help me to understand or provide me the documentation link ?

Thanks in advance.

Arun Chollety

you should not need to use such a utility at all.
If you have configured two UM servers in a zone and you publish a document to one server on a particular topic (or IS doc publishable type), then it will automatically be forwarded to any subscribers to that topic/doc type on the other UM server. If there are no such subscribers then messages for that topic/doc type will not be forwarded.
Note that this is the equivalent of Broker Territories.
If you want the equivalent of Broker Gateways, where an administrator must explicitly configure what is forwarded, then you need to configure remote joins. (You do not need to configure a Zone in this case). Remote joins can be configured using Enterprise Manager or Command Central.