Integration server4.6 not starting with IBM's jvm f


I am using the integration server 4.6 on windows 2000.
For the EJB adpater 1.2 for the websphere application server5.0, as per the
documentation, i need to use the jvm of websphere application server for starting the integration server. For this i need to set JAVA_ROOT to the jvm of the
websphere application server in the server.bat file.
However, this does not start the integration server.

Integration server starts with its own jvm without any error.
Both Integration server’s jvm and websphere application server’s jvm
are of version 1.3.1

Can anyone help me on this?


make another copy of the websphere jvm and put it in another directory. This will enable you to configure the JVM settings required for the IS. If you use a common JVM then the changes that you do in the common JVM may affect the WAS also.

try starting the server from windows dos prompt … u should probably get an error saying “input line is too long”

to circumvent that you have to substitute the drives for the JVM and IS by including the following commands in your server.bat

subst “I:” /D
subst “J:” /D
subst “I:” “webmethods IS directory path”
subst “J:” “webmethods JVM directory path”