Integration Server Scheduler thread hangs after Database restart

webMethods Version: 8.2 (upgrading to 9.12 in January 2017)

We have been having a periodic issue where one of our Oracle databases (JDBC Adapter) will get restarted, and the one, simple-interval task on the Scheduler will get stuck processing somewhere in the flow of the associated service. The database comes back up, but the thread never resolves or times out. When we try to cancel and then kill the system thread, it just creates two new threads for those tasks, which never get resolved either. Trying to disable the associated adapter gives the same result, creating a new thread that never resolves.

Our only solution so far has been to stop and start the services on the server: Integration Server, Broker manager & server, and MWS.

Of course, we would ideally be able to pause the scheduler before these database restarts, but we’re still researching why the database is restarting at all. And besides that, we have other Oracle databases that can error out, restart, whatever - and the related scheduler tasks and services don’t get hung up.

Any thoughts on what we can do to help this? I’ve added time-out values to all of the services, but the note on time-out says it will throw an exception after the service step “completes”. I’d say that our problem is that the service step is never completing.


What are the fix levels on your 8.2.2 and JDBC Adapter6.5 fixes (assuming you have latest and greatest)?

Is this issue there all the time when DB restarts while IS running during DB maintenance situations?

Also did SAG tech support advised any thing to resolve this further and troubleshoot in the past?


Build: 228

JDBC 6.5

This is for a relatively new system that was installed this year. It is using an Oracle RAC setup, and my DBA found today that the fail-over wasn’t really happening. He fixed the setup, and (after some fail-over testing) we found that webMethods wasn’t hanging anymore.

We’ll see how it goes in a real situation, and it still seems strange that it was hanging due to the database restarting, unless it was the improper RAC setup causing it to sit and wait for a response from the database or something.

Thanks for your response! SAG is telling me they can’t help because 8.2 is at its End of Maintenance phase.