Integration Server Notifications

I have used the notification in the Enterprise Server JDBC adapter in order to detect changes in records on a Oracle DB

Is possible do the same using the Integration Server? and if is possible Could someone give me information?

we want to detect records inserted on a Oracle DB using the IS

Thanks in advance

Do you need something right away? Can you wait for and upgrade to 6.0? I assume the database adapters will be the first adapters moved to the new architecture (someone correct me if I’m wrong) and I believe that will give you what you’re after.

You could use the ES/IS package, which will transfer the notification from ES to IS in a pretty straightforward fashion.

If you want a direct connection to IS, you’ll need to craft your own solution, mimicking the functionality of the JDBC adapter. This is easier than it sounds. Basically you define a couple of tables and set up a scheduled service to poll the tables. There are a couple of techniques to follow to avoid duplicate notifications, in the event of failures at different times.