Integration server monitoring from My webMethods

We have My webMethods server and WmMonitor installed. We can monitor one IS from my webMethods server screen. But we have multiple IS and want to have one My webMethods. So that we can monitor all IS. Is it possible. I can’t find option to configure more than one IS in my webMethods.


There is a one to one relationship between my webMethods Server and an IS server instance. It is not possible to point a single my webMethods Server to multiple instances.

I have talked with webMethods about this. Their solution is to use one monitor database on the backend and have the my webMethods Server point to that with all of you IS instances using the same backend database.

I have not tried that and I am not planning too. There is a feature request in to make it possible to do what you are talking about in a future release.


Is there a reason(s) you do not want to go the wM ‘shared db’ route? :confused:


My IS instances are separated (and isolated) from each other. Generally by major function and project team. If I need to have the instances exchange data I use either broker gateways or webservices.

It lets me loosely couple the instances so that my upgrade and maintenance paths are not tied together. Getting the project teams to the same upgrade and maintenance schedule for us is not possible. A shared database would throw a kink into that.

Wow! Mark, sounds like you work in the environment that we all dream of. You guys hiring? j/k :slight_smile:

Yep it’s the dream job. ROTFL