Integration Server in webmethods


Can anyone tell me how the integration server picks up its time.

If the webMethods integration server is installed through unix/Linux, does it sync with OS when the application is started and then the integration server uses its own clock?



as far as I know the JVM, in which the IS is started, picks up the OS-time (usually provided by an NTP-daemon) at JVM-start.

How this time will be handled by the IS after start depends on the OS you are using, i.e. for HP-UX there are additional properties to be set for the JVM as otherwise the OS-timer and the IS-time will drift apart from each user.

Property for HP-UX to be set:



IS JVM picks the OS system date/time when it starts up.

JVM will automatically update when OS time changes; For eg, DST changes etc …but you should have all latest fixes/dst fixes and so on