Integration Server Cluster


High availability white paper on the advantage site, talks of software clustering of IS and 3rd party load balancing. I would like to know whether OS clustering is supported by Integration Server? If yes, where do I get any information on the same?


Short answer is yes and no. The broker is supported on various clustering platforms including Veritas Server Cluster. They have agents that they will provide usually via professional services. They recommend going through their PS group in order to do hardware/os clustering. We did it ourselves but we did get them to certify what we did so it would be supported.

As far as the IS goes, you are probably going to have to write those agents/scrips yourself. I’m not aware of any agents. But the scripts are pretty easy to write. Start, stop and clean in Veritas lingo. Keep it simple and you won’t have many problems.


Thank you Mark. Where do I get help about creating the agents / scripts?