Integration Server Built-In Services to delete Package


AFAIK, there is no Built-In Service to delete Package on Integration Server. There are only services to disable/enable Package.
We can delete Package only thru the Integration Server Web application (“Packages/Management”).
Am I right? If yes, what is the reason for that?


There are services available in WmRoot package. Use this package at your own risk as these are internal assets of the product suite.

Let us know your requirements? We can share you other alternatives if there is something.


I’m trying to automate the clean up of unused Process Model.
To do so, I am using:

  • “WmMonitor.deleteUnusedModel” service to delete the Process Model
  • “WmPublic.deleteJMSTrigger” service to delete JMS Trigger linked to Process Model

But I didn’t find any “public” service to delete the Packages related to Process Model.

Regarding the WmRoot Package, I found a “packageDelete” service inside, but there is no parameter to specify which Package I want to delete…



You should study the WmRoot dsp pages related to package management; that’s the only way you’ll know what are the parameters.

As these are system-private services, no documentation or guarantee of API stability is given.

Also, they can completely trash your system.

Good luck.


I already had a look at the WmRoot dsp pages, specially the one about the “packageDelete” service.
This page displays no parameter, so I’m wondering how we can delete a package with this service … without being able to specify a package name!


I have finally found the expected parameters of this WmRoot.packageDelete service, by testing the service execution using browser and Designer.

Expected parameters are:

  • “package”: to specify the Package name to delete
  • “safeDelete”: boolean to make a copy of Package before deleting it


Yes, thats correct.

The best way to find out parameters is analyzing the back end Java method associated with the service.