Integration server 7.1 Not coming up,and no server.logs,activty ,auditlogs


We have Cluster of 5 integartion servers among those, four are working fine and the other integration server we are not able to bring up server and there are no server.logs,audit logs ,activty logs etc to check the issue…

When we try to bring up the server with the command it shows Application State as UP…but if we see the stats it shows as DOWN…

Help me in getting the issue resolved…

Did you check if the LOCKFILE is still under the IntegrationServer dir?
you can delele it, then try to restart

Yes thats a better option to try and troubleshoot:

There is no lockfile under that dir…

which command says the application is UP and which says its DOWN ?

We use the command pmustart -a xmlag -b sitemode
pmustart -a xmlag -b intsvr to start the server
and we use pmustat -a xmlag to check the status of the server. where xmlag in one of the instance of integration server among the cluster of 5 integratioon servers…

Never came across these commands :(, are these some custom scripts ?

Tried starting IS with file?

Yes…These are the custom scripts…

OK, that explains it.

script might be checking for something before starting the IS and thinks that the IS is online. Just a wild guess.

Did starting with file work ?

how are you load balancing it?

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