Integration Server 4.6 SP2 & C1-OnRamp

Warning - If you are running Integration Server 4.6 and using the C1 OnRamp package, be aware that Installing Service Pack 2 for IS may blow away your C1-OnRamp configuration.

We’re still using version 2, build 36 of the C1 OnRamp and when I installed SP2 last week it trashed my C1 OnRamp configuration, and simply backing out the SP install did not resolve it. We had to restore from a previous backup and replace our entire webMethods folder structure in order to get C1 OnRamp back.

I don’t know if this problem only occurs with the version and build that we’re using, but be careful. I’d like to know if anyone with C1 OnRamp has installed SP2 where it did NOT trash it. Thanks.

I’m using C1-OnRamp Version 3.0.12 Build 70 with IS-4-6-sp2 build 939 and did not experience this.