Integration Server 4.6 on Windows Server 2003

I was asked to install webMethods Integration Server 4.6 with service pack 2 in a Window Server 2003 using JDK version 1.3.x.

I proposed to upgrade to Integration Server version 6.1 because I can’t find from webMethods that version 4.6 is supported in a 2003 server, but after some installation and testing of a 4.6 in Windows Server 2003 seems that it works.

Do you have experience in such environment? Do you know which are exactly the limitation to run a 4.6 webMethods on a 2003 server or even in an XP environment?

Well you would have to think that there would not be an upward limit as to type of setup you could install 4.6 on. Most if not all the products only say that you need at least one setup or another, never to not use better software or hardware. You would be better to check out any issues with the Java environment an what running 1.3.1 means compatibility-wise.

I too would recommend that at some point you upgrade/migrate your environment to utilize one of the two most recent releases (6.1 or 6.5 in this case), just so you have continued support for running productions and future developments.


thanks for your reply. I will look for incompatibilities with Java library version 1.3.

I didn’t get any answers from webMethods. They only told me that there is no support for 4.6 version and I am not sure that there is no compatibility issues. I can’t rely on the fact that the documentation for version 4.6 is no updated to include latest systems.


The IS 4.6 is a pure java application. It was never supported on Linux and MacOS but few users have used it in production with such setup. So it should work for you.

But since it is going to be in EOM in few days, you are better off using 6.5 release unless you have reason to do otherwise.