integration monitor could not find the class

I use the 4.1.1 Enterprise adapter and EIadapter 4.6, we could successfully add logger adapter, but when I open the Integration monitor,there’s an error:

could not find driver class

verify that driver classes is included in java classpath.


I already add the %ORACLA_HOME%\lib\ into the system environment virable, and also tried to copy the classes files into the <EI4_intall>\jdbc\oracle, but both of them doesn’t help.

Thanks in advance.

I solved the problem by use instead of

but don’t know why, any one could answer?

But any way you found the problem solutions,
its great experience for’nt it…


Did you try this :

integration_monitor -classpath <your_jdbc_dir>\

It works for me with from 2000/02/12 22:55 (1 568 843ko)… but not with the one from 2000/09/14 ???