Integration Cloud - Platform REST API ?


I want to know whether there are Platform APIs to make call to wM Integration calls.

I’m searching for something similar to the API Gateway REST APIs :

  • APIGatewayAlias.json,
  • APIGatewayApplication.json
  • APIGatewayArchive.json
  • APIGatewayDocumentManagement.json
  • APIGatewayInternalService.json
  • APIGatewayPolicyManagement.json
  • APIGatewayPromotionManagement.json
  • APIGatewayPublicServices.json
  • APIGatewaySearch.json
  • APIGatewayServiceManagement.json
  • APIGatewayTransactionDataService.json
  • APIGatewayUserManagementSwagger.json

But for the Integration Cloud in order to query/list for assets and where to find the descriptors/definitions and URLs to call.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Mark,

We do have the REST APIs but are not published to external world. API Gateway and Integration Cloud are different products. For IC, Stage management for deployment is managed within the platform and hence these APIs are not exposed.

If you have strong business case this can be done. We do this case by case.

Thank you,