Integrating to Microsoft AX 2012 R3

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Can any one tell me ?whether webmethods provides the adapter to integrate with Microsoft AX 2012 R3 Version?
if So ,could you please share the details about that?


It looks like an ERP tool, do they expose WS, REST and have Database or any sort of protocol supported?

Yes they can expose WS.But still would like to know ,whether wm provides any built in connectors?

If you are looking for any specific connectors or adapters for ERP I am not aware however you can still leverage the OOTB WS connectors/REST, JDBC adapters.

I echo with as Mahesh and that is the available option for you to integrate with your MSFT ERP…

Also you could open a feature request with SAG-wM PD team.


You will need license to webMethods Cloudstreams. There is a free connector available from cloudstreams to connect to MS Dynamics.


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That is for Connecting with Microsoft dynamics CRM.I Believe MS dynamics AX and CRM is different…

You are right…i am afraid there is no out of the box Adapter for what you are looking for. From what limited documentation i could read, the easiest way it seems is to use the MS provided AIF and use the HTTP Adapter from their end to expose the business functions to make web service calls to and from webMethods.

Also MSMQ is supported to work with AX, if you buy the MSMQ adapter from webMethods you can leverage that as well.

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