Integrate Salesforce data to On-Premise Oracle database

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We are actually trying to build a integration between and oracle database. Major use of this integration will be to Integrate the data between SFDC and Oracle Database which is hosted on our server. So I have following Q’s:

  1. What is the better way to implement this requirement?
  2. Can we use webMethods for this requirement, If so can you please provide me where to start?

Thanks in advance


Your data from oracle server can be integrated to Salesforce with Informatica, to know more on this why donot you join us for a webinar today ,at 9am-10am PST. I am sending you the link to register-
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Yes, webMethods is best suited to integrate and interoperate with multiple systems including and legacy applications. webMethods adapters are built and supported entirely by Software AG with a rich set of application and technology adapters to support all your integration needs. Your integration needs only grow overtime and to meet your diverse and complex needs, you will need a vendor neutral middleware like webMethods.

You can get more details about adapters from the webMethods section at