Installing Optimize for Infrastructure

I need help to resolve the errors with analytical Engine.
I have installed the Optimize for Infrastructure, started the

[SIZE=2]Analytic Engine. Logs say ‘Analytical Engine waiting for configuration’.
When I tried to configure on my webmethods at

[SIZE=2] Administration > System Wide > Environments > Database Pool Configuration

I see following error

Failed to evaluate binding expression: “#{PoolConfigViewPage.tableContent}” --Error retrieving JDBC pool configurations

Thank You


I came across a similar error in My webMethods when trying to configure Metadata Library. More than likely, I assume you either re-installed My webMethods or dropped and re-created your My webMethods database using the DB configurator.

If this is the case, then you need to do the following.

  1. drop your My webMethods database again using the DB configurator
  2. manually delete all tables and sequences starting with CCS in your database
  3. re-create your My webMethods database using the DB configurator.