Installing ES on Windows XP

Is ES supported on Windows XP? Installing ES 5.1 on Win XP we try and run into problem. The broker is started and running monitor also the server components are seem ok. But Enterprise Integrator and E Manager do not start throw Windows Exception on symcjit.dll. I checked the dll was there and correct. I installed same on Win 2000 and it works fine? Any idea why?

Igor, what was the root cause of this problem? Thanks.

This is straight from the WM faq.
Copy the entire contents of C:\Program Files\webMethods\EnterpriseServer5\jvm\win.sun13 and overwrite the contents of C:\Program Files\webMethods\EnterpriseServer5\jvm\win.sun122. Yes, you heard me correctly. A couple of the Enterprise server tools (manager and monitor) will not run using the old JDK.