Installing Broker 601 on AIX 52

hi all,
I am becoming an AIX administrator while trying to install webMethods on an AIX 615P box with AIX 5.2. We have 2 GB ram, 4 GB on every defined directory (/opt, /home, /tmp, /var). We have netscape 7.0 as the only other application on this machine.

When I run the installer with an image file (, I get an error that /home is less than 50 mb. This is not true and is frustrating. When I install from the net, the installer finishes with errors that it can not start the broker and there are only config files in the broker’s directory. No executables get written.

I managed to get the IS 6.0.1 installed and mainframe 6.0.2. When I start the mis process for mainframe, I get an error saying that it requires a file that comes from the IBM Communications Server. I don’t want SNA access or the IBM software - just TN3270e. webMethods may decide to make a fix for this. I have been waiting for their decision.

Any hints on how to get webMethods installed on AIX would be appreciated. I have it all installed my Windows 2000 desktop and we are (slowly) building integrations but I may be building 4 of these AIX boxes for DEV, TEST, QA, and PROD so I would appreciate any tips on how to make an environment that I could replicate 4 times.