Installation Problems

I’ve just downloaded quip-
After extracting I’ve quip.exe and quipJ.exe.
I double clicked on quip.exe. But the installtion wizard didn’t appeared? Also what am I suppose to do with quipJ.exe? How to install it?
Plz reply ASAP.
Thanks a lot

Quip’s installation basically consists of unpacking the Zip file. The .exe files are the actual executables, not installation wizards.
You should find all necessary information in the file Readme.txt.

I’ve downloaded Quip and I want to work with XML database instaed of XML doc, which will be the appropriate product(free) to download? It will be for learning purpose.

I have also downloaded Quip and would like to be able to connect to the Tamino DB to run queries. Can anyone inform where to download/ connect to this database???


Hello there,

Tamino can be downloaded from the >XML StarterKit< website.
After you have registered on the website a 90 day licence key will be e-mailed to you.

I hope that helps,