Installation of WebMethods Oracle Apps adapters 6.0 on IS ve

According to webMethods_Oracle_Applications_Adapter_11.5.9_Predefined_Transaction_Services_Installation_Guide_6.0.pdf ,
While installing the adapter 6.0 component, in the component selection list, we are asked to navigate to webMethods Integration Platform–> Adapters–> webMethods Oracle Applications Adapter 6.0 -->Predefined Transactions 11.5.9 to install the packages.

But while running the installer for WebMethods ver 6.1 and using the image for Oracle Apps adapters 6.0 , the components list does not contain the option
“Predefined Transactions11.5.9.” ,in that case we are able to install the WmOAAdapter (which is the default package) but not the packages containing the predefined services.

P.S. -We are using webMethodsImage61Advantage image with webmethods installer 6.1 which is of 444,086 kb and wMOraAppsAdapter6 image for adapters component which is of 12,566 kb.


It sounds like the image itself does not contain the predefined transaction services, just the adapter. Maybe whoever built the image did not include the transactions, or maybe the license did not allow the image to include the transactions.

-David O.