Installation of Broker in 7.1


I intstalled webMethods 7.1 recently, i can see the broker components in the file system but the same is not visible in the admin page mean WmBroker package itself.
I can see the default broker settings as well in the settings-> messaging but neither the package(wmbroker) nor the url localhost:5555\wmBrokerAdmin is visible.
Can any one please suggest me what i can do on this.

Broker is administered using My webMethods Server (MWS) in Broker 7.x and later. Refer to Broker Administrator’s Guide for details.


Thanks Marc,

hi i installed the broker monitor and broker server 7.1

when i tried starting the monitor from the services received the following error.

Could not start the webMethods broker server 7.1 (6849) service on the local computer.
Error 1075: the dependency service does not exist or has been marked for deletion.

i received the following error while creating the broker server An error occured while creating the default broker.

Unable to find host ‘null’ on the network.

please help


Praveen have you installed DB in your system?
MWS and DB are essential for Broker in wM7.1.

i have installed MWS and i have an sqlserver that is installed in another system configured to MWS.



Broker does not need MWS to be installed.
Its in itself a seperate component of webMethods stack.

MWS is only required for GUI based broker monitoring.