Installation Guide for WM 4.1.1 Install..


I’m searching for an installation guide for installing WebMethods 4.1.1. It’s the setup from

Especially, I would l� to know, why I have to specify a user name for running adapter monitor service…


Michaela Teufel

You can get that guide on the webMethods Bookshelf, right here on Advantage. Click on Bookshelf, then click on webMethods Enterprise, then click on webMethods Enterprise Server 4.1.1 and you will see the PDF for installing ES 4.1.1

Good luck,

Since it looks like you’re doing a windows install you do not need to specify a user name.

I must confess that I’m a little but confused. I’m trying to install the webmethods integration platform following the “webMethods Installation Guide Version 4.6”. So I installed the Enterprise Server 5.0.1 not 4.1.1. But for installing Enterprise adapters, I have to run the setup.exe from, which obviously installs webMethods 4.1.1. So what is “web Methods 4.1.1” besides adapters? Is it Enterprise Server 4.1.1, is it Integration Server or what?

So you see, I’m missing some overview…

Michaela Teufel