Insert notification

I am using an insert notification in my integration.Once the notification document is published and if the integration is errored out(Due to adapter connection problem etc),we are republishing the notification document to retrigger the integration once the issue is solved

Is there any way other than republishing the documents.

Is there any way to stop the records to be deleted from the buffertable created by the insertnotification on database soon after the notification is published, if the integrtaion is errored out.

You can throw an exception from your triggered service. This will cause the document to be “nak’d” to the Broker, which will deliver it again.

No. This is the whole point of pub/sub–once an event is published, the publisher is done. The publisher has no idea if the subscriber(s) have processed the document successfully. Indeed, the publisher has no idea that any subscribers even exist. If you want/need this sort of control, don’t use notification and don’t use Broker.