Insert Notification Event publishes infinite number of Docum

I am new to webMethods. I am trying to create a simple integration. When I insert a row in one table, I would like to insert a same row in the second table. I have configured two Adapters (Oracle). I have created a ‘InsertNotification’ congigured operator on Insert Adapter and ‘Insert’ configured operator on receivig adapter.

When I Insert a first row in source table, it works fine. But after that it continulosly inserts the same row in the Target Table. When I look at the ‘webMethods Enterprise Monitor’, I see that the Source adapter continuosly generates a document at certain interval. How do I stop this behavior.



You probably didn’t tell the basic notification operation to delete the trigger row when it was done. There’s a checkbox on the Select tab that says to delete selected records. Make sure that’s checked so that it only gets the trigger row once.

Thanks for the respose. I can not see the checkbox which allows me to tell ‘InsertNotifictaion’ operation to delete trigger row once inserted. Do I need to do anything special to get this checkbox to show up ?
Thanks for your help.

Hmm. I had assumed you were using a Basic Notification, which is where that checkbox shows up. If you used an Insert Notification, it actually creates a buffer table in the Oracle database, which is what the adapter is reading - there’s no delete checkbox in that case. You may want to run the source adapter in debug mode to see if any errors are being produced. Perhaps you don’t have rights to modify the buffer table, and so the adapter keeps reading the same document many times? Also, how is your integration set up? I believe that you have to have an Output step defined (not just a publish step) in order for the integration to successfully finish and mark the row as processed.

You are absolutely correct. I did not have an Output step defined after publish step. I did introduce the Output Step and everything worked just fine.

You might have to create a dummy Output step other than the one you already have(I am assuming you might be having already).

This should work fine with your problem