insert() fct of TaminoClient


I have no problem inserting a new DOM Object into a Tamino Database when the doc is created using the Docuserve DOM implementation. Whereas on the other hand, if I create this document using JAVA API-JAXP and try to insert it, I get the following error message although I can write this created doc to the command prompt using TaminoClient printTree() fct:

Exception in thread “main” org.apache.crimson.tree.DomEx: NOT_FOUND_ERR: That node does not exist in this context.
at org.apache.crimson.tree.AttributeSet.removeNamedItem(
at com.softwareag.tamino.API.dom.TaminoCient.insert)
at Test.main(

Thanks a lot!

Fady Kaddoum

The problem happens because insert processing always attempts to remove any “ino:id” attribute that might be present in your document.

Using Docuverse DOM, if no ino:id is not present, no exception is thrown, but using JAXP your exception is thrown.

You can bypass this problem by artificially inserting an ino:id attribute into your document root Element before doing the insert.


.setAttribute(“ino:id”, “1”);

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Yes it worked!
Thanks a lot!

Fady Kaddoum