Insert Datetime Type in to Stored Procedure Sql Server

Hi All,

I tried to insert data (datetime type) from esb to sql server.
I’ve been created a java service and return java.sql.Timestamp.
my java service return 3/30/2016 5:32:15 ICT.

But when I call my adapter service to call Sql Server SP, data inserted in table but value is null.
is there another way to insert datetime db type from ESB ?

Here is my adapter service’s parameter

datetime issue.jpg

Hi Junedi,

you can use Build-In-Services from* folder.

Specify the timestamp field as java.lang.String in your Input-Signature of the adapter service.
JDBC Adapter will convert this in the background.

Which Version of JDBC Adapter with Fixes are using?


Try as Holger suggested,it should work.


hi guys,

Thank you for your suggestion.
My problem was solved.

I use dd-MMM-yy format in my java service
then map it to my timestamp field in my jdbc adapter.
And it’s work for me.

Glad to hear, thanks for the updates.