Insert automatically data with addTaskAttachment

Hello All,

I want to insert automatically the taskIDs within data base myWebmethods but It is impossible to insert one taskID if is not exist in myWebMethods server. I must first create the taskIDs before to insert them.
I use the API pub.task.taskclient:addTaskAttachment on Designer 9.0.

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i believe taskId should be existing before you add an attachment to it.

Don’t understand what you want? If you want the taskID, you can get it in the Input Mapping of user task step, as the output of queueTask.

Hi All,

Thank you for your feedback.
I want to insert data automatically in myWebmethods base.

I am thinking about solution which executes the Thread procedure for trigger actions some time. Whereas I am looking a webMethods API which allows to build this service, a webMethods API which is similar to the Thread or multi Threading. One person knows if this API exists into myWebmethods?




What are you looking for Java API in IS or specifically looking for MWS portal API?


Hi all,

I want to create a service Thread for executing tasks at the moment the time is defined. I would know if there exists the webMethods service which solves my problem.



not sure if that exists as of now…Let see if other gurus can advise.

If you want to execute something when a predefined time reached…

For Service Task, you can use the Intermediate Boundary Event. For example, add an Intermediate Boundary Event to a Service Task(let’s call it service1) and set a time, and add a transition from the Intermediate Boundary Event to another Service Task(let’s call it service2), then when the service1 execute longer than the specified time, service2 will be invoked. More detail please refer to <BPM_Process_Development_Help> chapter 12 Event.

For User Task, you can use the Task Event, more detail please refer to <BPM_Task_Development_Help> chapter 10 Configuring Tasks.

Hope it helps.