INPUT statement

Is there any possible way to write an INPUT statement without any output elements. WhenI simply put INPUT,it showed NAT0125 NO OR INVALID OUTPUT ELEMENT FOLLOWING DISPLAY/WRITE/INPUT. Guys express yout views regarding this

INPUT (AD=O) " "

But why would you need this ?

Hi Wolfgang,

I actually have used this (without the (ad=o) since I am a lazy typist).

Suppose you have a screen that basically consists of four windows. Based on user input to the one window that “has the focus”, and other data, you usually end up changing one of the four windows.

HOWEVER, occasionally, you need to wipe the screen. The following code shows how I create a “screen blanker”.

set control ‘n’
input " "
input window=‘quad3’ ‘hi there’…

I have four windows, one for each quadrant. The code above will blank the screen (whatever is there) then put “stuff” in quadrant 3. Set control ‘qs’ is also useful here

set control ‘qs’
input 20/5 ‘instructions for user’ … / /
input window=‘quad3’ no erase ‘hi there’…

In this case, the quadrants do not fill the whole screen, just, say, to line 18. Now I use 20-22 for instructions to the user. The first input clears the screen except for the instructions, then hi there appears in the third quadrant.