Input mask

Hello Everyone,

We are a user of AgileApps Cloud. We use webforms to collect data remotely from various sources and like to find out how to

1.- create an input mask for some of our webforms’ fields. For example a phone number in a given format.

2.- Restrict the format of the font case to capital letters only

Any feedback from the community will be greatly appreciated.


Jaime Suriano

not a mask but you can use this field script On Change in the field to automatically convert to upper after to exit the field. It will remove any non-alphabetic characters

 const getValidatedInput = (inputValue) => {
inputValue = inputValue.toUpperCase();
inputValue = inputValue.replace(/[^a-zA-Z]+/g, '');
return inputValue;
setTextFieldValue(_sdForm,, getValidatedInput(obj.value))

phone version

 const getValidatedPhone = (phoneNumber) => {
 phoneNumber = phoneNumber.replace(/^(1)?(\d{3})(\d{3})(\d{4})$/, "($2) $3-$4")
 return phoneNumber;
setTextFieldValue(_sdForm,, getValidatedPhone(obj.value))

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