Input from DSP to Service

Dear All,
I have created an Recordlist which have some other Recordlist and which has some other as output of my service and display it in dsp for user to Modify. Now when user makes changes in that dsp I want to read all the same Recordlist as an input to the another service.
I am not able to do it. I am not able to Read anything more than one level or variables from master recordlist. that is only first level of field in Input of Service i am able to get and rest of all other records and sub records i am not able to get.
Any help on this … waiting for it…bit urgent.
The Recordlist would look something like this:

RecordList:  Resume 
                 - EnqId 
                 - Name 
                 - Record Address 
                          -- Add1 
                          -- Add2 
                          -- City 
                          -- Phone 
                 - RecordList Exp 
                        -- Company 
                        -- YearsSentwith                   
                - BirthDate   
  I actually want to read above recordlist as input from dsp to Service as input. 

Thanking you in anticipation.

If you want to traverse at level up you need to use “/<record>” , for two levels up “…/<record>”.

I hope this would solve ur problem.

For further details of refering another record list , go through the “page 33 of Template and DSPs Users Guid”

Dear Sri Kalyana Ram G. probably I am not able to understand your solution. I am having the output in the given Fashion as per Recorlist Resume, structure and I am not able to pass it to service as input. Can u please give me code example where in after writing that code I will be initialize the data from DSP to service as per the given Recordlist. I should be able to get the complete recordlist in same fashion in service and do processing with that recordlist. Anyways the recordlist is very small and you can put imaginary data into it. I will be thankful if I could see that code because I am not able to do it…

Dear Atul,
The question is clear now. The input for the service through dsp page is passing as an object . I could not find any method in webMethods Java API to convert this object to IData. Its better to post this question to webMethods support.


Dear Atul Ahire ,

I could find the solution to the problem you faced. In earlier reply i said to report the problem to webMethods support. But your problem can be solved. There is tag called %scope% in DSP’s which can be used to pass recordList as an input to the service and the format is as follows.
%scope rparam(custServiceCtrs=

I am uploading a package by name “Sample”.

Just import the package and click the home page .
You can refer “kalyan.dsp” file for passing recordList as an input to the service.

I think this would solve ur problem.

Passing RecordList as an input to Service from DSP page. (3.4 k)

Dear Sri Kalyana Ram G ,
I think you have not understood my problem yet. please look at the input example that i have given. in that the input parameter is a record which has various sub recordlist and sub sbu recordlist into it.

If you know then we can allways pass on the parameter as a record but the limit is upto 1 level. i want to pass on that and also pass on the second record list into that record list. if you will see my example that i have given and try changing your sample then i think it will not work…
I am trying it from long time and want to get solution. so please try putting the example that i have given in my problem statement and generate the input from dsp. it will be very very good if anyone could help me in this.

Dear Atul Ahire,
I modified the dsp page With the input example that you have given. To pass recordList as input to a service through DSp page one has to use
%scope rparam(…)% , and the %scope% tag supports only one record.
So i changed the code in the following manner to solve ur problem.
As per ur input example
Resume is a Record List
in this Address is a record
and Exp is again a recordList.

As i said %scope rparam(…)% can be used for only one record or recordList.
I made a structure like this…
Resume (RecordList)
EngId (String)
Name (String)
BirthDate (String)
Address (StringList)
Exp (StringList)
using %scope% tag . (Refer kalyan.dsp can be found in sample package attached).
This input i passed to a java service that converts the above structure to the structure as u require.

I used %scope% tag ,(Which u can refer to kalyan.dsp) and used a java service called createRL.

I am attaching sample package.

I hope that this suits ur requirement.


RecordList as Input to a service thru DSP (8.5 k)

The DSP and JSP scope tags can define multiple records. The attached DSP is an example.

DSP using %scope% to define multiple records
testscope.dsp (1.0 k)

Hi Fred Hartman,

Your code works if the input contains Records, String list and Record List, but not the strcutre as said by Atul Ahire., as per his requirement , the structure contains a Record , Record List in a Record.

But his requirement can be achieved thru the sample package that i have uploaded.

Just run the kalyan.dsp file and go the sample2 flow service and disable savePipelineToFile step and enable restorePipelineFromFile and just step it and check out.


what is meant by DSP?(expand)…pls give me some insight into it

DSP is a Dynamic Server Page. See webMethods Advantage for documentation.

Hi, I have the input document as follows.

Student (Document)

Here i have written the code for the passing the parameters to the service as follows

%scope rparam(Student={Regno=‘100’;Name=‘Siva’};rparam(ContactDetails={Street=‘new’}))%

But i am not getting the exact output, what is the error in the above line. Pls any one help me ASAP…
%invoke SivaRaman_Works.DSP:test%

Hi ,
I need to pass a single string variable out of a string list to a java service. I am not getting it, I used the following way
%loop results%
%invoke Myservice%

Myservice takes a singe string variable called results as i/p.
can any one of you help me?

I am working on a dsp page which returns a set of stringlist. I want to create a document list and send it to my flow service.Can we create a scope dynamically?


Hi Guys,

I am trying to upload list of files from DSP page to my wM service.

Please suggest me how this is possible.