Input document name of subscribing service


We have a pub-sub model in our project(WebMethods 6.1). A webservice publishes a document, there is a trigger for ths document and a flow service to subscribe the document. Is it mandatory to have fully qualified path for the input document of subscribing service? We have not given a fully qualified path but input document does refer to publishable document and code is working perfect. Does this mean that fully qualified path for the input document is not a mandatory?


Hi Snehal,
the subscribing service should include the input signature of the
document reference to the publishable document type for the published document

I believe the documentName should also be given fully qualified path,this is the standard sub service input expected for the publishable document.Otherwise the document values will not get mapped to target.

wondering is this behaviour changed in 6.5?



Yes, that is what WM documentation says.
We are using 6.1 and not 6.5.